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Our Club 

Club History


Once part of the 1839 Mexican land grant to Don Francisco Sepulveda, the land in which the Santa Monica Bowls Club now stands, passed thru several hands.  In 1919 the land, which had been the site of a former movie studio, became the home to the original Douglas Aircraft plant.  Because  tall Eucalyptus trees along Wilshire Blvd. made it  difficult for their planes to fly in and out of their airfield, in 1927 the factory relocated  to Clover Field. The City then created the park  and named it for aviation pioneer, Donald Douglas.


Santa Monica Bowls Club was organized prior to 1941 and moved to Douglas Park in 1948 when Marcellus Joslyn donated the funds to build both the green and the clubhouse.  By the early 1950s, the club was associated with the SW Div. of the American Lawn Bowls Association (now known as Bowls USA). By the 1970s, it had grown to 42 members. In 1976 Ferrell Burton spearheaded construction of a completely new green paid for by a donation from the Joslyn Foundation along with a Senior Citizen Grant. That green was destroyed by heavy rains in 1982 and rebuilt in ‘83 as we see it today. This current green is made of a hybrid Bermuda grass on an 18 inch bed of sand.

The club has experienced robust growth in recent years and membership now exceeds 75. We  continue to grow due to the comradery displayed by members along with excellent bowling.  It's a great club as shown by our inclusivity in the  diversity of our membership, in age, gender and background, and also in a good mix of experienced players and newcomers, of tournament enthusiasts and those who choose to enjoy social bowling. 

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