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Become a Member

Join us and become part of  Santa Monica Bowls Club. We pride ourselves on the commoraderie of our diverse membership.   Membership fees are annual beginning on January 1st of each year. We aim to keep our membership fees as low as possible while still being able to maintain our greens and facility. We are able to maintain low  fees  through a commitment from every member to volunteer their skills and time.


Full Active Membership - $130 

Full membership includes membership to SMBC, SW Division, and BowlsUSA. Members have full rights and privileges at Santa Monica Bowls Club enabling them to participate in all club events, to vote at official club meetings and serve on the Board. A portion of the Active membership fee is paid to the SW Division and to BowlsUSA. Membership in BowlsUSA includes  eligibility to participate in division, national and international tournaments.


BowlsUSA Image.png

New members may join any time throughout the year and their initial annual fee is pro-rated based on when they join.   Members are welcome to all social events, club games, leagues, and tournaments. 

Dual Membership - $50

Dual Members must have a primary membership at another lawn bowling club. Associate Members have full rights and privileges as Active members at SMBC except they are not entitled to vote or serve on the Board. An Associate’s primary club pays the fees to their division and to BowlsUSA.

Bowls Locker - $10

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