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Club Ladder

Santa Monica Bowls Club Ladder Tournament Rules

Mission Statement: the benefits of competing in Ladder Tournaments are many, for both Novice and Veteran Bowlers alike. It provides an excellent opportunity to hone one’s skills in a singles game where you must depend on your ability alone to read the head, accurately deliver critical shots, and make every Bowl count. It’s a lot of fun, too, and all Members are encouraged to get on the Ladder.


1. Players position on the Ladder is determined by a random blind draw.

2. Players may challenge a player 1, 2, or 3 levels higher on the Ladder. It is permissible to skip over someone who is out of town or after a challenge has been issued but not accepted after 10 calendar days.

3. Players should expect to play 1 game per week. They may play more, but 1 is expected. A winner of a challenge match retains the right to decline a challenge from the same player for a period of 2 weeks. The losing player must accept a challenge from someone else the same week or the following week before being able to challenge the person who defeated them. Any challenger who loses 3 consecutive matches will drop down 1
position on the Ladder.


4. Play will consist of 18 ends. Handicap scores will be added to the scoreboard at the beginning of the game. Players may agree to use predetermined Jack placement by the winner of the previous end in lieu of rolling the Jack.

5. Winning player must post the results on the clip board in the Bowl Shed at the conclusion of the game. Please do not move the name tags on the Ladder Board. Bill Werner has sole responsibility for maintaining the Ladder Board.

6. Players may schedule their match anytime convenient for both players. Be courteous to your fellow Ladder players and respond to a challenge in a timely manner. Ladder matches may be played during regularly scheduled Wednesday or Friday games, however, only one Ladder match can be played at that time. Please notify Bill Werner if you wish to play a Ladder match on Wednesday or Friday.

7. Dual members may play Ladder games, but they will not be eligible to receive cash prizes unless they have paid in to be a Dual Member for Tournaments. Cash prizes will be awarded to the highest ranking Full Member on the Ladder.

8. Spring Ladder competition will begin in early March and will end June 30. Fall Ladder competition will begin in early July and end October 31. Winners of the Spring and Fall Ladders will receive a $75 cash prize to be awarded at our annual Holiday Brunch. Second place will receive $50.

9. Bowl On!

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