September in Review

The month of September brought many tense moments as the city contract for park maintenance went to a new company. Fortunately we were able to heave a collective


sigh of relief when we learned that the new company  was smart enough to realizewhat an invaluable asset Jose is to Santa Monica Park Service and, more specifically, to the Santa Monica Bowls Club. Let us all remember to thank Jose for the great work he does in keeping our greens in excellent condition.

Speaking of thanks, the club was extremely fortunate when Steve Mount decided to join the Club.  Along with Graham Wong, his trusty side-kick, they have been instrumental in introducing many of their friends to Bowls and in bringing a new vitality to the club.   In addition, the Club owes a debt of gratitude to Steve for the work he has done around the Club; not only has he accepted the position of greens apprentice to Roger, he has also done a yeoman's job of organizing the shed and creating usable space.


With just two more months of the Ladder, the challenges continue to be competitive. Changes since the beginning of September  include the following: Stuart has moved from fourth place to first, Brian has moved from third to  first and then to second, Steve and Graham moved down two rungs to third and fourth respectively and Harold has moved from seventh to fifth.

A lot can happen in the next two months.  I will keep you posted as to any and all changes.

As tournament season is slowing down, our Club members are actively participating in  many SWD tournaments with varying degrees of success.  Terry Mar's teams took first place in the Beckley Quinnell Rinks and in the Groves Mixed Triples. Phil Dunn's team took First Place in the Izzie Forbes.   The Izzie Forbes, additionally, initiated two of our novices, Steve and Graham, into the world of competitive tournament Bowls. It was a long, hot day and both proved themselves to be worthy competitors.  Two wins and a tie proved successful in securing a fourth place win for Steve (along with teammates Terry and Alex.)



On September 29, our Club hosted the Annual Beckley Quinnell Rinks Tournament.  Thanks to Stuart Bell it was a great success with sixteen

teams competing.  Special recognition for their contribution towards the tournament success go to Jose (work on having a great surface on the greens), Linda, Ilca, Jerry and Jackie (hospitality), James and Terry (set up),  Brian (keeping score) and everyone who helped with cleanup and putting things away.  Thanks also to Jackie Fleming who, despite recent hip surgery, made the effort to show up and cheer on the players.  We've missed you, Jackie.  Hope to see you on the greens in the near future.


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